ABC Radio Interview

Callum just completed an ABC Radio Interview this Morning for Augmented intelligence.

Navigate to the URL to hear the interview and skip to about 1:12:00:

Augmented-Intelligence, post FatigueHACK prototyping

It’s hard to believe that the FatigueHack was over a month ago, feels like only last Friday when we walked up on stage for the first time to present our idea. So much as happened since then and I’ve said it many times “it feels like the hackathon was the easy part!”.

Since finish the hackathon team Augmented Intelligence has literally “grabbed the truck by the wheel” and set about taking the idea we formulated and making it a reality. Our activities have multi-facetted looking to evolve both the prototype and our understanding of the trucking industry.

On the prototype front, we’ve procured a Kenworth truck steering wheel, retiring the demo wheel we’d used during the pitches. We’ve also grabbed the latest ECG monitoring system from our partners at AliveCor and started to construct a working prototype. Kelvins leading the prototype development and installed the first version into his Telsa; check out the footage here

The prototype maybe a little rough around the edges, but we’ve been able to test several of the assumptions we had made during the Hackathon, with positive results. The prototype was able to collect the ECG’s from Kelvin while he was driving around with enough clarity to be feed into our predictive model.

Over the coming months we’ll continue create, test and refine our prototypes; and with this in mind, we’re looking for industry partners to come on the journey with us. Our desire is for the industry partner(s) to enable, assist and guide us as we continually build, test and refine the smart steering wheel technology. Our desire is to be running a Proof of Concept in late 2018 across a fleet of up to 20 trucks.