FatigueM8 Friday – Adjusted Angels

In the last instalment of FatigueM8 Friday’s we looked at the impact of a subtle change to the FatigueM8 units positioning. The image below on the left as you’re looking at it show’s the images being captured by the Front, Sky Facing Camera as a result of the slight changes in unit angle. The Picture on the right shows the actual camera angel.

Problem solved, after a quick trip back to the drawing board, our design team made what looks like a simple tweak to straighten up the camera angel. The resulting image being captured is back to perfecto (as can be seen below).

While the differences between the Before and After camera unit look relatively minor, we’ve actually redesigned the while camera housing. As can be seen in the series of imaged below, the new camera housing allows for the camera angel to be adjusted quite significantly; allowing greater flexibility in our deployment options.

Until next week, stay safe.